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Website design (or re-design) is the key to how your are represented on the web. Each page, graphic, background, photo, etc. will eventually come together to create the way the world will see your business. It is necessary for each of those items to receive the attention and time required for them to be what you and your business need. Pricing is set based on each item that needs to be created, re-created or edited for your website.

Logos are a graphic representation of your business. Logos demand creativity and an ability to think outside of the box. I have found that logos often take multiple drafts, with minor or major changes between each. Logo design prices are set depending upon if the logo creation is a separate contract, or a part of your website design (or redesign).

Business Graphics are the visual representations of what your company is attempting to portray within a written document or presentation. The old addage "a picture says a thousand words" is one I firmly believe in as a graphic can not only enhance your document or presentation but it can provide your audience an additional means to undertand what it is you are attempting to communicate. Business graphic pricing is beased upon your level of need for the service.

Web content management can include, updates to your website as well as maintaining your presence on the web using a variety of social media. The growth of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Four-Square, Google +1, etc) with regard to marketing and consumer communication is exponential. It will be to your advantage to use your website and social media to maintain a web presence. The cost for web content management is determined by how much of your web content requires outside management as well as the level of service required. The three available levels are:

  • Standard - requiring a minimum amout of change to content weekly.
  • Advantage - requiring a moderate amount of change to content weekly.
  • Premium - requiring a consistent amount of change to content weekly.

All pricing information is available upon request, but may not represent the pricing of your particular contract. Each contract is priced individually and is dependent upon the unique needs of the client. For a consultation on your project, please contact Renee at or click here to complete an online request for information.

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